Disassembly of Single Parting Surface Mold

Tips for Mold Disassembly:

  1. Able to read mold assembly drawings, and understand how each part and component functions and works, as well as how they are installed and mated.
  2. Check parts, standard parts and special assembly tools against the checklist shown on the drawings;
  3. Select appropriate general-purpose assembly tools (such as screw drivers, Allen wrenches, copper rods, punches, tweezers, clean cotton yarns, gloves, vises and bench vises, etc.) according to standard parts;
  4. Analyze and determine the type of the mold to be disassembled;
  5. Analyze how the mold to be disassembled works, e.g. type of gating system, parting surface & parting method, and ejection method, etc.;
  6. Analyze the description and purpose of each mold part and component, as well as the  interrelationship between them;
  7. Determine disassembly sequence:Before mold disassembly, make clear which parts are removable and which are not, to work out a disassembly plan. Usually, the core and cavity need to be separated first – respectively loosen the locking screws of the cavity and the core, take out the pins, use disassembly tools to remove each main component, and then remove the main gating system from the cavity, remove the ejection system from the core & disassemble it, press parts like mold core out from the retaining plate, and disassemble the side core-pulling mechanism if there is one.  As for each plastic injection mold, different disassembly approach and sequence should be established based on analysis of its specific structural characteristics.
  8. Place (or number) the disassembled parts according to the disassembly sequence, to make it easy for installation.


Special Notes for Mold disassembly:

  • Use disassembly tools correctly;
  • When disassembling mating parts, adopt different methods (such as knocking and pressing) to treat different mating relationships;
  • Try to maintain force balance and do not knock blindly and forcibly. It is not allowed to knock mold parts directly with a hammer;
  • Don’t not disassemble the parts that are not removable or not appropriate to remove.
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