CNC rapid prototype

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CNC Rapid Prototype company  in china:
1. OEM service offered
2. Product Design service offered
3. Surfaces treatment: Light color, dumb color

The company’s advantage
1. Efficient team
2. Delivery in time
3. Excellent equipment
4. High quality and competitive price

Material: ABS, POM, PP, PU, PC, PA66, PMMA, PVC, PVE, Aluminum
Surfaces treatment: Light color, dumb color, rubber oil, pearlescent color, silk-printing

Production Range:
1. Electric appliance: Air condition, Television, DVD, Vacuum sweeper and so on;
2. Toys: Car model, Motorcycle model and so on;
3. Hardware: Faucet, Head shower, bath equipment, sanitary ware and so on;
4. Digital product: Computer, MP3, MP4, Mobile Phone, Digital Camera and so on;
5. Transportation: Automobile parts, Motorcycle parts, Instrument board and so on;
6. Medical treatment devices: Massager, Sphygmomanometer, Stethoscope and so on;
7. Telecommumication equipments: Telephone, Fax machine, Printer, Walkie Talkie and so on;
8. We offer mould and model making and products manufacturing as long as you offer design sketch to us.

If you want to order CNC Rapid Prototypes, please feel free to contact us.