We are a rich experience plastic mold maker, have many customers all over the world:1.RoHs & ISO9001:2008 certificated factory.2.CNC, EDM machining & CMM Measurement System.well equiped factory will guarranttee the quality of our service and product.3.ODM&OEM service provided

We customised plastic injection molded parts as customer request :1. Mould material: 45#, P20, 718H,H13,S136,1.2344, etc.2. Cavity: Single/multi3. Runner: Hot/Cold4. Components Standard: LKM imitaed HASCO/DME5. Plastic material: PP, PE,PC,etc.6. Mould life: 500,000 shots7. Delivery time: 20-60 days.8. Specification: To be customed.How to select the right resin for plastic parts?A number of different types of resins can be selected to manufacture plastic parts. When used in the injection molding process, these resins usually take a raw form of small-sized pellets. In addition, in this process, we may add colorants, so that we can control the color of the finished parts. Also, customized colors are available upon customer requests, but some resins can only be made in the black color. To choose the right resin for the creation of injection molded parts, we not only have to consider the desired properties of the finished parts, but due to the fact that the different materials have different properties that will have an influence on the function and strength of the final injection molded plastic parts, we also have to take these properties of the resins into consideration, because they require the parameters employed in processing the resins to well match their corresponding properties. For a comparison of several commonly used resins, please see below. 

Resin name Abbr. Trade names Description Applications
Acetal POM Celcon, Delrin, Hostaform, Lucel Strong, rigid, excellent fatigue resistance, excellent creep resistance, chemical resistance, moisture resistance, naturally opaque white, low/medium cost Bearings, cams, gears,, plumbing components, rollers, rotors, slide guides, valves
Acrylic PMMA Diakon, Oroglas, Lucite, Plexiglas Rigid, brittle, scratch resistant, transparent, optical clarity, low/medium cost Display stands, lenses, light housings, panels, reflectors, signs, trays
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene ABS Cycolac, Magnum, Novodur, Terluran Strong, flexible, low mold shrinkage (tight tolerances), chemical resistance, electroplating capability, naturally opaque, low/medium cost Automotive (consoles, panels, trim, vents), boxes, gauges, housings, toys
Polyamide6 (Nylon) PA6 Akulon, Ultramid, Grilon High strength, fatigue resistance, chemical resistance, low creep, low friction, almost opaque/white, medium/high cost Bearings, bushings, gears, rollers, wheels
Polyamide 66 (Nylon) PA6/6 Kopa, Zytel, Radilon High strength, fatigue resistance, chemical resistance, low creep, low friction, almost opaque/white, medium/high cost Handles, levers, small housings, zip ties
Polycarbonate PC Calibre, Lexan, Makrolon Very tough, temperature resistance, dimensional stability, transparent, high cost bottles, containers, housings, light covers, reflectors, safety helmets and shields
Polyester – Thermoplastic PBT, PET Celanex, Crastin, Lupox, Rynite, Valox Rigid, heat resistance, chemical resistance, medium/high cost Automotive (filters, handles, pumps), bearings, cams, electrical components (connectors, sensors), gears, housings, rollers, switches, valves
Polyethere-therketone PEEK Strong, thermal stability, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, low moisture absorption Aircraft components, electrical connectors, pump impellers, seals
Polyethylene – Low Density LDPE Alkathene, Escorene, Novex Lightweight, tough and flexible, excellent chemical resistance, natural waxy appearance, low cost Kitchenware, housings, covers, and containers
Polyethylene – High Density HDPE Eraclene, Hostalen, Stamylan Tough and stiff, excellent chemical resistance, natural waxy appearance, low cost Chair seats, housings, covers, and containers
Polyphenylene Sulphide PPS Ryton, Fortron Very high strength, heat resistance, brown, very high cost Bearings, covers, fuel system components, guides, switches, and shields
Polypropylene PP Novolen, Appryl, Escorene Lightweight, heat resistance, high chemical resistance, scratch resistance, natural waxy appearance, tough and stiff, low cost. Automotive (bumpers, covers, trim), bottles, caps, crates
Polystyrene – General purpose GPPS Lacqrene, Styron, Solarene Brittle, transparent, low cost Cosmetics packaging, pens
Polystyrene – High impact HIPS Polystyrol, Kostil, Polystar Impact strength, rigidity, toughness, dimensional stability, naturally translucent, low cost Electronic housings, food containers, toys
Polyvinyl Chloride – Plasticised PVC Welvic, Varlan Tough, flexible, flame resistance, transparent or opaque, low cost Electrical insulation, housewares, medical tubing, shoe soles, toys
Polyvinyl Chloride – Rigid UPVC Polycol, Trosiplast Tough, flexible, flame resistance, transparent or opaque, low cost Outdoor applications (drains, fittings, gutters)
Styrene Acrylonitrile SAN Luran, Arpylene, Starex Stiff, brittle, chemical resistance, heat resistance, hydrolytically stable, transparent, low cost Housewares, knobs, syringes
Thermoplastic Elastomer/Rubber TPE/R Hytrel, Santoprene, Sarlink Tough, flexible, high cost Bushings,electrical components, seals, washers