Fresnel lens
Due to the popularity of high power LED, it has become a trend that using single or a few LED as light source, helped by Fresnel lens and microarray lens as luminous body, to constitute a traffic signal lamp, instead of multiple LEDs as light source.
The advantages of using the Fresnel lens + microarray lens are as follows:
1st: with few LEDs, simple structure and reducing cost.
2nd: the concentrating effect of Fresnel lens makes the signal light more penetrating, which is more suitable for bad weather, such as fog and haze.
3rd: Fresnel lens can enhance the utilization of LED light and has the signal lamp get higher light efficiency and visual angle.
4th: Fresnel lens ultra thin structure, large size, arbitrary shape cutting, and excellent light transmittance, which are better than the traditional geometric convex lens. It can be used in many occasions with its light weight less than the convex lens.

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