Lifter Design for Plastic Injection Mold


  • In essence: a combination of the ejection mechanism and the side-core pulling mechanism.
  • Stroke:S=undercut+(1~3)mm
  • Thickness:8~12mm
  • Angle:not more than 15°
  • Ejectors are allowed to place near the lifters.but not too many.

mold lifter design

1、【lifter without base】

mold lifter design

mold lifter base design
mold lifter base design


Thickness (D)=S (undercut)+(2/3Ø)mm

Width (W)≥12

(If the width less than 12mm,use lifter with base)

2、【Lifter with base】

Stop block:Steel 738

Base:can install several lifters




mold lifter design
mold lifter design

mold lifter design

【lifter material】

  • if main inserts use pre-harden steel,then lifter use 1.2344 for plastic injection mold
  • if main insert use harden up steel,then lifter need azotizing process (718H、2316H)

lifter design

Below is a mold lifter animation from our relative company,their website

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