1)The structure of 3 plates mold

3 plate mold

17.Locating ring    18.Dowel pin   19.Runner holder   20.Runners systerm    21.Return pin    22.Spring    23.stopper    24.Main runner     25.Nylon locker  26.Guide pin     27.Guide bush  28.Supporter   29.K.O holes

2) How the 3-plate mold works?

3 plate mold

  • When a 3 plate mold opens, the cavity and the core do not separate from each other at first, but the striper plate will be firstly separated from the cavity plate – the striper plate releases the molded product from the gate material, and then the cavity and the core separate from each other to eject the product.
  • Some variations of 2 plates molds are also applicable in 3 plates molds, but the molds are much more complicated.
  • One of the variations of a 3-plate mold is its combined application with the runner of a 2 plates mold.

The gate and runner systerm of 3 plate mold

3 plate mold gate   3 plate mold gate

  • Pros of a 3-plate mold:
    • A 3-plate mold only adopts the pin-point gate system.
    • A 3-plate mold leaves very minimal marks on the product; even mark-less injection molding is allowed;
    • The gate of a 3 plate mold does not need to be specially removed.
  • Cons of a 3-plate mold:
    • Since a 3 plates mold features a longer runner, cooling will take a longer time, thus leading to a longer injection cycle;
    • A 3 plates mold consumes more materials;
    • The structure of a 3 plates mold is relatively more complicated.

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