Plastic injection molding is a process where plastic pellets are fed into the hopper of an injection machine, melted under heat to maintain a flowing state, and then injected under pressure into a closed mold through the injection nozzle and runner system. After cooling and shaping, the molten plastic solidifies into the desired part. As the primary molding method for thermoplastic materials, plastic injection molding is able to produce parts with complex structures and precise dimensions, as well as incorporating metal or non-metal inserts.

This process features a short cycle time, high production efficiency, and easy automation. It is applicable to almost all thermoplastic materials, and some highly fluid thermosetting plastics can also be molded using this method.

Eight Top-Tier Injection Molding Companies in China

Consider the following companies for top-quality and cost-effective solutions in the injection molding industry.

Sositar Mould Co., Limited

SOSITAR MOULD CO., LIMITED, located in Shenzhen, China, was established in 1998. The company specializes in various plastic mould parts for automotive, home appliances, medical equipment, electronics, sporting equipment, and general industrial OEM applications. Our factory spans more than 3,800 square meters and is conveniently located near major transportation routes.

Currently, we have over 50 experienced toolmakers in China and capital assets exceeding 15 million RMB. We are able produce 60-80 moulds per month and manufacture injected molded parts with weights up to 1,500g or in presses up to 800 tons, creating various kinds of plastic moulds and die casts up to 1,000*1,200mm in size.

Shenzhen Silver Basis Technology Co., Ltd.

Silver Basis Technology Co., Ltd., the president unit of China Die & Mould Industry Association, is a high-tech advanced manufacturing enterprise with core technology in large-scale precision die and mould. With its headquarters in Shenzhen, China, the company has been focusing on the development of core businesses in auto parts, communication and consumer electronics, and high-end equipment since its establishment in 1993. Based on its extensive global manufacturing service network, it provides highly integrated intelligent manufacturing solutions to its global high-tech clients.

Eco Molding Co., Limited

Eco Molding Co., Limited offers comprehensive plastic injection molding services, specializing in a wide range of plastic molds for automotive, home appliances, electronics, and general industrial OEM applications.

Our factory spans over 2,500 square meters and is conveniently located for easy transportation access. With a dedicated team of over 50 members and capital assets exceeding 8 million RMB, we have the capacity to produce 40-50 injection molds per month.

Our mission is to be a professional, trustworthy, and innovative toolmaker and plastic molding company. We are committed to zero defects and our top-level management is always actively involved, ensuring we utilize a modern management system. By employing the best techniques and prioritizing continuous improvement and innovation, we aim to be the best partner for your company’s needs.

TK Mold Ltd.

TK Group (Holdings) Limited (TK Group or TK) is a global leader in providing one-stop plastic solutions, specializing in the development and manufacturing of plastic molds and parts for mobile phones, healthcare, smart home devices, packaging, medical applications, and precision electronics.

Founded in 1983 in Hong Kong, TK Group has grown over 40 years to become a renowned enterprise in plastic injection and mold making. In 2013, TK was successfully listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, with the stock code 02283. According to an independent market research company, IPSOS, TK’s plastic mold business revenue ranks No. 1 among MT3 level suppliers in China.

TK Group currently operates five production bases with a total floor area exceeding 200,000 square meters. The headquarters is located in Shenzhen, with additional factories in Suzhou, Huizhou, Vietnam, and Germany.

Our mission is to ensure our clients’ success, laying a solid foundation for sustainable development and positioning TK as a pioneer in precision injection and smart manufacturing. We are dedicated to providing superior services to our clients globally.

Changhong Technology Group

Established in 2001, CHT went public on December 22, 2010, and has since evolved into a state-recognized high-tech enterprise. CHT operates 14 subsidiaries located in South China, East China, and Southeast Asia.

CHT specializes in precision mold manufacturing and injection molding, offering a comprehensive one-stop solution that includes R&D, design, manufacturing, and after-sales service. Recognized as a “Key Backbone Enterprise of Precision Injection Mold” by the China Mold Industry Association, CHT also serves as a chairman-level member of the Shenzhen Machinery Industry Association and the Guangdong Mold Technology Promotion Association.

Lung Kee Group (LKM)

Founded in 1975, Lung Kee Group (LKM) is one of the world’s leading mould base suppliers, serving mould makers globally. LKM’s primary business lines include standard mould bases, high-precision interchangeable plates, custom-made mould bases, precision machining, and mould components. Additionally, LKM distributes top-quality tool steel brands such as Daido, ArcelorMittal, Baowu, and LKM Special Steel.

With production facilities across Asia, LKM employs over 4,000 people and operates a portfolio of more than 600 CNC machining centers. The name “LKM” is an abbreviation for Lung Kee Metal, originating from “Lung’s Hardware Store,” named after its founders. Over the past 40 years, LKM has been a key player in the remarkable growth of the mould-making industry in Asia. Through unwavering commitments to quality, integrity, and excellence, LKM has evolved from its modest beginnings into an industry-leading powerhouse in mould base manufacturing.

LKM’s position as an industry leader was further solidified with its listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1993. Today, LKM is widely regarded as the “go-to” supplier for high-end mould makers in Asia. Looking ahead, LKM is committed to creating value for its clients by enhancing its comprehensive services.

Haitian Group

Founded in 1966, Haitian Group has grown over 50 years through entrepreneurial brilliance into a multinational holding company with total assets exceeding RMB 19.6 billion. The Group primarily operates in five industries: plastics machinery (“Haitian International Holdings Limited” listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange), CNC machines (“Ningbo Haitian Precision Holdings Limited” listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange), drive and control systems (“Haitian Drive”), die casting machines (“Haitian Die Casting”), and smart solutions (“Haitian Smart”).

These five companies are affiliated with over 80 subsidiaries worldwide. In 2022, the Group generated a total output value exceeding RMB 18.3 billion, with products sold to clients in over 130 countries and regions.

In recent years, companies under the Haitian Group have received numerous national, provincial, and municipal honors, including “National Innovative Enterprise,” “National Key High-Tech Enterprise,” “Famous Chinese Brand,” and various “State Science and Technology Awards.”

Guangdong Zhen Xiong Machinery Co. Ltd

Zhen Xiong Machinery, an Injection molding machine supplier based in Chaozhou City, Guangdong province, China, is renowned for producing some of the finest injection molding machines in the country. Founded in 1993, the company has accumulated extensive experience, establishing itself as a leader in the industry. Specializing in high-speed injection molding machines, Zhen Xiong Machinery facilitates the efficient mass production of various products by injecting molten material into molds.

In addition to their high-speed precision injection molding machines, Guangdong Zhen Xiong Machinery offers a comprehensive range of products and services. These include high-speed precision molds, high-speed precision robots, and solutions for molding processes.

Tips for Finding a Reliable Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturer in China

What Size Mold Manufacturer is a Good Choice for Cooperation?

Large, medium, or small-sized mold manufacturer? Personally, I believe the choice depends on the specific circumstances. From the perspective of factory size, many people will preferentially choose the largest one because they are usually fully equipped and thus more competent. Their size often reflects a high level of customer preference. However, larger manufacturers come with higher overhead costs, making their prices less competitive. In particular, the prices offered by large foreign-funded mold manufacturers are often prohibitive for most buyers. It’s crucial to consider whether the mold manufacturer you select will treat you as a VIP and show you respect. Choosing a supplier is like choosing a partner; you need a suitable match. If your company lacks strong financial capacity and your purchase volume is not substantial, partnering with large-sized mold manufacturers may result in being treated without the respect you deserve, as you may not meet their requirements for order amount or volume, meaning they cannot benefit significantly from your orders.

Though mold and product prices may initially seem more acceptable, other concerns soon arise – can the mold be produced punctually with assured quality, how will the mold perform in mass production, and what is its life cycle? At this point, I suggest you ensure that the mold manufacturer is fully equipped with supporting precision CNC machines, slow wire cut machines, EDM, high-speed high-precision injection machines, and 3D/2D measuring instruments necessary for mold processing, production, and testing. This should be a key element in your inspection, evaluation, and final selection of a mold manufacturer.