Four key points in the refined management system of an injection molding company

The management of the production site includes onsite material management, plan management, equipment management, tool management, personnel management, production scheduling management, 8S management, etc. More attention should be paid to the management of details that are considered minor in daily life.

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1. Personnel identification management

How to perform onsite personnel identification management?

1. Different badges: A. Armbands, epaulettes, etc.; qualified personnel must wear identification badges; B. Employee card with different colors, personnel number, name, as well as position and qualification.

2. Different uniforms: A. Skilled and unskilled workers dress differently; B. Wear corresponding uniforms according to positions.

3. Use photos for organization members: Create an organization chart, paste personal photos on corresponding positions, and publish it on the dashboard.

2. System management (visual management)


Visual management is to use visual tools for preventive management of the progress of the job site, the inventory of materials or semi-finished products, defective quality, equipment failure, and shutdown. By making good and bad situations known to everyone, even newcomers are able to quickly narrow down quality differences in operations.

1. Well plan and divide areas in the injection molding workshop, reasonably specify the placement area of machines, peripheral equipment, raw materials, molds, packaging materials, acceptable / defective products, regrind resins and tools, with clear markings.

2. Prepare a card to indicate the working status of the injection molding machine.

3. For the production of “urgent parts”, the output of a single shift needs to be specified, with an “Urgent Part” card in place.

4. Draw a “feeding line” for the drying barrel, and specify the feeding time.

5. Arrange the manpower reasonably, and designate dedicated personnel to strengthen the inspection and supervision of labor discipline.

6. For the injection molding department, well arrange manpower and work shift during meal time, as well as shift handover for temporary absence during a meal.

7. Arrange dedicated personnel to clean, lubricate, maintain and handle the problems of machines and molds.

8. Follow up on and handle the problems in product quality and production quantity.

9. In the machine area, well inspect, recycle and clean samples, process cards, operation instructions and related materials.

10. Strengthen the inspection and supervision of the completion status of various reports and dashboards.

3. Material management


Manage materials by category. For example, separate the main and auxiliary materials for production. The main production materials can be released as per the production plan, while the auxiliary materials are set up with corresponding personnel for approval management according to unit price, purpose and quantity. Correctly fill out the “Material Request Form” and submit it to the supervisor for confirmation.


Under general circumstances, oral requests are not accepted. Managers shall lead by example. Going through the formalities is not only for the purpose of documentation, but also to accurately control the quantity and avoid waste, so that the managers know what to expect.


  1. Application and management of injection molds


An injection mold is an important tool for the injection molding process, of which, the condition directly affects product quality, production efficiency, material consumption, machine manpower and other indicators. To ensure smooth production, the application, maintenance and management of the injection mold must be well performed. The main management tasks are as follows:


  1. The ID name and number of the mold should be clear; the color ID system is preferred.
  2. Do a good job in mold trial, and formulate mold acceptance standards, to ensure mold quality.
  3. Formulate the rules for mold application and maintenance.Injection molding is a team work. Only when the whole team works, builds and manages together, can an excellent injection molding company be built.