Mold structure encyclopaedias

Sositar mould have more than 15 years in mold manufacture field,and accumulate lots of experience in mold design and mold making process, to help the new entrants and our customers to understand mold better,we list some mold animation as below:

  1. three plates mold

This is a a popular design for mold,the advantage is :we can make more than one gate for molding,and can place the point gate in the center of product.

2)  insert mold

Ussaully we can molding steel pieces, copper nut, screws in plastic for some special use

3) mold with lifters

Lifter is use to release the undercut in product

4)mold with submarine gate

Submarine gate mark is very small,so we can place the gate on product surface and the mold can full automotively.

5)submarine on ejectors

when we can not find a good position for gate,we make cut the ejectors and put the gate there

6) hot runner mold

Hot runner can save the material for runner,reduce the cycle time and improve the production quality

7) thread release mold

the core will retote itself and release the thread

8)mold with sliders

slides for the under release

9,mold for hubs

10)sleeve ejectors

Sleeve ejector is a good solution for long bosses which have a hole in the center

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