How to find a reliable plastic mold factory? It has already become a pain in the neck for us to find a specialized mold maker that offers a reasonable and yet affordable price. Many are concerned that the quality of the product does not meet their requirements or the delivery is not punctual. With so many mold makers active on the Internet, it is not known which are the most legitimate, and most suitable for them.

plastic mold factory in China

  1. Before selecting a reliable mold processing factory, you should first start from the product you would like to develop, as well as the market positioning of the product. Mold makers are generally divided into many industries, such as medical equipment casings, home appliance molds, and game console casing molds, etc. It is not that the largest and best plastic mold factory is the most suitable for you, nor is that a small mold maker is not worthy of consideration, but you should make a choice according to your own project, thus keeping unnecessary expenses under control.
  2. Investigate whether the mold maker is a one-stop service provider that offers services ranging from mold desigplastic injection mold in chinan and making, to product injection molding and plastic casing surface treatment (spraying and silk screen printing, etc.), so as to avoid multiple suppliers participating in the final production of the product, which not only minimizes risks, but also lowers the cost.
  3. Choose an experienced team. Rich experience in production is also an indispensable factor for a high quality mold factory. Only with rich experience in the production of various kinds of products, can a mold maker solve the diversified problems faced during production.
  4. Quality must be guaranteed, with on-time delivery. To effectively communicate with the cooperating manufacturer, it is necessary to know the mold design rationality of the mold maker, and design changes should be minimized from both your own and the maker’s sides, to improve the mold design and manufacturing process, while guaranteeing great communication between product and mold engineers, thus achieving product quality assurance, as well as JIT (just in time) delivery.
  5. Last but not the least, we must also check the aftersales service capabilities of the plastic mold factory.

Sositar Mould, a joint venture that specializes in the manufacturing of precision molds and plastic products, is a great choice with independent import and export rights, and over 10 years of experience in plastic mold manufacturing. With integrated mold making and injection molding capabilities, Sositar mould boasts a complete set of mold making and plastic injection molding equipment to ensure a reliable quality and JIT delivery!