Warpage is caused by shrinkage variations throughout the part.

Warpage injection molding defects

Warpaging is mainly caused by:

– The cooling time difference caused by the temperature difference between the upper and lower surfaces of the mold, which causes difference in internal residue stress.

– The pressure (injection pressure, holding pressure) difference inside the product will be reflected as a non-uniform shrinkage rate.

– The orientation difference between resin flowing direction and the direction perpendicular to flow will be reflected as residue stress.

the cause of warpage injection molding defects

Proper product review

During product design or mold design, review the items that help improve dimensional stability

the causes of warpage injection molding defects

  • Orientation effect caused by resin flowing direction

Warpage injection molding defects

  • Effect caused by cooling difference between upper/lower surfaces

warpage,deformation injection molding defects

  • Effect caused by cooling difference (Corner Effect)

Since it is more difficult to cool the core than to cool the cavity, after ejection, larger shrinkage tends to be caused on the core side of the product.

Warpage injection molding defects

  • Influence of uniformity in product thickness

Warpage injection molding defects

  • Warpage caused by pressure difference in the cavity

Warpage injection molding defects