Rapid CNC machining prototypes

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CNC Machined Prototypes

The CNC machining of prototypes allows you to have the real material instead of a SL or SLS simulant. We routinely use high quality PMMA , PC, ABS, POM , PTFE  Nylon etc. We also have a portable FARO Laser Scanning Arm which can be positioned next to the machine to inspect 3D parts before being removed from the machine. Deliveries are typically from 1 to 5 days plus shipment – typically 2 days. We often do projects with 50 to 100 sets of components by CNC machining – this is simply because a simulant material will not suffice for the application. All of our CNC operators attended a technical polytechnic and then had further training in-house

if you need a rapid CNC machining prototypes in china with a attractive price,please feel free to contact me.